Protecting Tomorrow

At its core, sustainability is about protecting tomorrow: people, the planet, and prosperity. We have a unique opportunity at Covanta, as sustainability is our business. What we do every day helps our communities, clients, and customers find practical solutions to significant societal challenges: waste and materials management, clean energy, and global climate change.

Environmental Performance

Covanta helps communities and companies solve their sustainability challenges—from the mitigation of climate change to the preservation of land—by providing sustainable solutions that divert waste from landfills and use it to generate renewable energy.

Resource Management

Waste is a resource. At Covanta, our mission is to provide sustainable waste and energy solutions to ensure no waste is ever wasted. We specialize in extracting value from one of the most challenging materials out there: waste remaining after recycling.

Community Relations

We know that mutual acceptance and respect between Covanta and community members is essential to productive operations. We act as a good neighbor and a strong partner to the communities that surround the facilities we operate and own. 

Workforce Engagement

We believe that an engaged workforce worldwide leads to a productive and profitable company. As such, developing dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable employees is one of our most important priorities.