A Message from CEO Stephen J. Jones

Focus on Stakeholders

Our sustainability report and program is designed with our stakeholders in mind. Here is specific content that we think will be of interest to our employees, communities, clients and investors.

Materials Management

Waste is a resource. At Covanta, our mission is to provide sustainable waste and energy solutions to ensure no waste is ever wasted. More


By using waste as a resource, we help reduce impacts on the environment. 100% compliance and maintaining strong environmental performance is the expectation. More

Community Relations

We seek to ensure that local citizens have a voice in the decisions that affect their communities, lives and homes. More

Safety and Health

At Covanta, safety and health are not programs or metrics. They’re part of a culture of teamwork, peer support, open communication and trust. More

Workforce Engagement

Our employees drive our business. We can position the company for success by working to attract and train the best talent. More

About this Report

This is Covanta’s fourth comprehensive sustainability report, covering our global operations in 2015 through the end of the 2016 calendar year. More