Covanta is a world leader in providing municipalities and corporate customers with sustainable waste and energy solutions. The Company’s core business—operation and ownership of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities—helps communities and businesses around the world convert millions of tons of waste—otherwise destined for landfills—into clean, renewable energy. These facilities reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, conserve land and complement recycling efforts.

We’ve grown our service offerings since our last report, providing our clients with additional routes to meet their zero-waste, zero-waste-to-landfill and sustainability goals. In particular, our Environmental Solutions business provides commercial and industrial waste clients a variety of sustainable waste management services, including consulting, logistics support, recycling and energy recovery services.

As clients reduce, reuse, recycle and recover energy, they reduce environmental impacts associated with materials and waste in our society. Ultimately, we seek not only to divert materials from landfills, but also to find fully sustainable waste management solutions that consider economics and the environment.

Covanta also owns and/or operates other renewable energy projects, including biomass and small-scale hydroelectric facilities, and other waste management businesses, such as transfer stations, which broaden the geographic reach of our core facilities.

“We see our packaging as endlessly recyclable if the right systems are in place, and it’s important for our company to reduce, reuse and recycle our packaging. For materials we cannot recycle, Covanta is uniquely positioned to develop a comprehensive and responsible resource solution that can help us achieve our zero-waste-to-landfill goals.”

Debora Fillis Ryba

Senior Manager, Nestlé Waters

Beyond North America, we are expanding our technical expertise in international markets, where growing pressure to reduce GHG emissions coupled with an interest in more sustainable waste management is driving opportunities for EfW. We are well under way in constructing a state-of-the-art EfW plant in Ireland. We also maintain equity interests in an EfW project in Italy and in an EfW operating company in China, Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Industry Group Co., Ltd. (“Sanfeng Environment”).

How Are We, as Covanta, Protecting Tomorrow?

At its core, sustainability is about protecting tomorrow: people, the planet, and prosperity. We have a unique opportunity at Covanta, as sustainability is our business. What we do every day helps our communities, clients, and customers find practical solutions to significant societal challenges: waste and materials management, clean energy, and global climate change.

To advance our sustainability performance, we focus on the following main principles:

Ensuring no waste is wasted
We provide our communities and clients access to sustainable waste and materials management, from the largest fleet of energy-from-waste facilities in the world, to wastewater treatment, reverse distribution, depackaging, and tailored commercial waste services.

Achieving world class safety and health performance
Protecting the safety and health of our co-workers is paramount. We believe that success comes with building and maintaining a robust safety culture throughout our business with employee leadership and engagement at all levels of the business.

Protecting the environment
Environmental performance is a core part of our service offerings. It’s how we differentiate ourselves from landfilling. Consistently remaining below current standards and full compliance with our discharge limits is the expectation, the key to continued strong relationships with our communities and customers, and the prerequisite to new business opportunities.

Creating and maintaining an inclusive, respectful, and equitable environment
Our dedicated workforce drives our business and our success. Attracting and retaining talented and diverse individuals is key to building a successful team. It also helps foster innovation and continuous improvement, thereby contributing to reduced costs and revenue growth.

Partnering with our communities
Mutual acceptance and respect between Covanta and community is essential to productive operations. We work continually to be a good neighbor and to invest human and financial resources in the communities where our facilities are located.

Monitoring the Supply Chain

At Covanta, we aim to work with suppliers who offer the best overall value and who operate and provide products and services that are environmentally-friendly. Supplier sustainability is an important consideration in our selection of suppliers.

Covanta’s supplier policies and contract requirements establish our commitment to sustainability and our expectation that suppliers conduct their operations in a socially and environmentally-responsible way. We work collaboratively with our suppliers to encourage compliance with the following principles:

  • Suppliers are to ensure their operations and the products and services they provide to Covanta comply with all national and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Suppliers are expected to include programs that promote efficient use of energy and other resources, minimize the use of hazardous materials, promote reuse and recycling, and reduce emissions to air, soil and water.
  • Suppliers are to maintain effective management systems that integrate environmental, occupational safety and health, human rights, labor and ethics considerations into their business and decision-making processes.

We also are committed to increasing opportunities for small, minority and disadvantaged suppliers. By using nationwide contracts for local distributors or licenses, we’re able to optimize pricing through local service, and thus encourage the use of local suppliers. A portion of Covanta’s nationwide supply chain budget is also assigned to local suppliers. More information can be found in the Partners and Suppliers section of our website.