Niagara Resource Recovery Facility and steam loop

“In much of Northern Europe, waste is considered both a material and a financial resource. There is competition to buy waste—even to import it from other countries. As the United States begins to consider waste in a similar way, this puts Covanta in a good position to help communities and companies figure out how to best handle their resources.”

Anders Damgaard, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher, Department of Environmental Engineering,

Technical University of Denmark

New Opportunities

We are pursuing opportunities to grow our business in certain international markets where policies are supportive to new EfW facilities as a tool to more sustainably manage waste and reduce GHG emissions. Currently, we are constructing a new EfW facility in Dublin, Ireland. We hold equity interests in a project in Italy and an EfW operating company in China—Sanfeng Environment. In North America, our primary focus is on maximizing our existing operations, through organic growth (e.g., metals recovery opportunities) and targeted acquisitions and projects that complement our existing business.