At Covanta, building a better world starts by building a great place to work. Because developing an engaged workforce leads to a productive and profitable company, one of our most important priorities is attracting and retaining dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable employees. That’s why we offer competitive benefits, training, recognition for excellence and opportunities for career advancement.

But we also know that today’s employees want more than a job: They want to make a positive difference in the world. We welcome their ideas for Protecting Tomorrow and foster employee creativity and collaboration in developing sustainable solutions for society and the environment.

Measuring Employee Engagement

Since our last full employee survey in 2012, we have begun gathering employee input and suggestions in other meaningful ways. For example, in 2016 we conducted diversity and inclusion (D&I) awareness training that reached approximately 1,100 employees—about 30 percent of our workforce. During small group conversations, where we can often get more direct and interactive feedback compared to a written survey, many employees provided excellent ideas on how to improve employee engagement. We consolidated these ideas and presented conclusions to senior management. We will continue to refine our ways of working based on these insights.

We’re also seeking ways to use technology to conduct short employee pulse surveys in the coming year. We will use these surveys to collect insights and data on ways to improve our engagement.

Promoting Employee Growth

All full- and part-time Covanta employees receive annual performance reviews. Through our Performance Management process, managers and employees together determine performance strengths and development opportunities. We then help employees address competency gaps through targeted training to strengthen communication, improve interpersonal and management skills or learn new workplace processes. Our human resources department also offers programs to improve employee relations and promote a workplace free of harassment and discrimination.

In addition, our education assistance program provides financial support to employees who want to broaden their knowledge base, develop further professional skills and take external classes to prepare for other positions within Covanta.

Sharing in Our Success

Our employees drive our business and our success. Therefore, we believe it is important to share our success as a company with our employees. All full-time employees at Covanta not part of collective bargaining agreements are eligible to participate in our Annual Incentive Program (AIP).  When we succeed as a company, the AIP provides bonuses based on performance.