Innovation is key to our continued ability to deliver sustainable waste management and clean energy solutions. Employees are key contributors to Covanta’s innovation pipeline, bringing their “on-the-ground” experience to bear in addressing both operational and process challenges.

Committing Ourselves to Innovation

We have formalized this collective approach in the Covanta Innovation Pledge. The employee-created Innovation Pledge marks our commitment to uncovering new ideas, investing in experimentation and taking smart risks. The pledge now hangs on the wall of every Covanta location.

Seeking Solutions via the spark! Innovations Platform

In 2013, we launched spark!, a companywide innovation initiative. Available on smartphones, tablets and PCs, spark! supports collaborative innovation across our North American facilities. Employees submit solutions to challenge questions, and ideas that receive the most interest rise to the top for review.

spark! also provides discussion forums where employees can ask questions and share best practices across the organization. There is even an “Expert Locator,” which provides contact information for company experts on different topics.

Beyond spark!, we have used Open Innovation to pose challenges to thought leaders outside of our organization, drawing in new ideas from other sectors.