Employees have said that opportunities for individual professional development are important to them—and their response to our training and development program proves it. For the past two years, we have had an 85 percent participation rate in two of our training programs, Four Essentials of Supervisory Success and Principles of Performance Management. We have built the curriculum to equip managers to do their jobs better and have trained more than 350 first-line managers to date.

Our industry-leading operator and maintenance qualification programs also help ensure that our employees are equipped to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Our areas of focus for these programs include electrical qualification, boiler operations and power generation fundamentals. Beyond assuring that we meet local, state and federal certification requirements, these programs establish a clear, consistent path to personal development and career advancement.

Believing in the unique power of mentoring relationships, we set a goal in our last sustainability report to initiate a new ongoing mentoring program. We kicked off our first wave of the program in 2017, with a group of 40 mentor/mentee pairs representing a diverse cross section of Covanta employees and locations. Mentoring benefits the mentor, the mentee and the entire organization. We’re excited to add this additional type of training to Covanta.

We have also recently developed our Early Career Development Program, designed for recent college graduates with less than three years of relevant work experience. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills, make meaningful contributions and have an opportunity to determine the career path that’s right for them. The program offers candidates world-class experience and training through rotational assignments across the company.