Leadership at all levels of our organization, including our board of directors, works to advance our vision and sustainability goals.

Board Committee Structure

Covanta’s board of directors has four standing committees that operate under written charters approved by the full board: Audit, Risk, Compensation and Human Resources, and Sustainability and Environmental Justice. The majority of the directors who serve on the Audit and Compensation and Human Resources committees have been determined by the board, in its business judgment, to be independent from the company and its management.

Oversight of Sustainability Strategy

The Environmental Justice and Sustainability Committee is responsible for review and oversight of sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives, performance, and reporting; and developments and trends regarding public policy affecting the Corporation. Specifically with regard to climate, the committee assesses and reviews changes in public policies pertaining to climate, progress on goals and targets pertaining to GHG emissions and content of our corporate sustainability report, including that pertaining to addressing climate change.