A materiality analysis helps us identify those issues that matter most to our internal and external stakeholders and to our company’s long-term business success.

We conduct materiality analyses to better inform the depth and breadth of our disclosure and strategic planning. Our analyses meet the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Principles for Defining Report Content.

We conducted our first analysis in 2009 and our third in 2015. Given the robust nature of our process, and the consistency of our business since our last review, we are confident that the results of the 2015 analysis remain relevant today. As part of the 2015 analysis, we:

  • Analyzed stakeholder source documents representing input from our key stakeholder groups.
  • Convened a diverse and representative stakeholder panel to utilize their expertise and hear their insights.
  • Gathered internal feedback from Covanta executives, managers and employees on priority topics to understand perceptions of potential impacts across our value chain.
  • Used all input to develop and review an extensive list of environmental, social, governance and economic topics relevant to our business operations.
  • Analyzed the results of the source review and stakeholder feedback to identify the issues of highest concern to both external stakeholders and company management.
  • Shared the results of the analysis with our stakeholder panel, reviewed their feedback and confirmed our final material issues internally (see diagram).