2019 Stakeholder Panel

In 2019, we continued the tradition of reaching out to our stakeholders by convening a panel group comprising subject-matter experts closely connected to Covanta. We invited panelists from among academia, our clients and customers, community members, investors and business partners.

In cooperation with an independent third party, we conducted a set of interviews and a group panel discussion over the course of two months. We gathered feedback on Covanta’s ongoing sustainability management strategy and corporate disclosures. The expertise and insights shared on Covanta’s material issues through this process confirmed the basis for the disclosures in this report and further supported Covanta’s strategic planning and goal setting. Panelists also reviewed drafts of our 2019 report to further enhance and strengthen Covanta’s approach to disclosure. We are grateful for the insights provided by this diverse and representative panel.

Some of our 2019 Panelists* 


J.K. Evicks

Manager, The Bama Companies, Inc.

Don Pugh

Senior Environmental Engineer, American Airlines

Adrian Barnes

Manager, Green Investment Group

Edward Northam

Head of Europe, Green Investment Group

Michael Jay Walsh, PhD.

Assistant Research Professor, Boston University

Dereth Glance

Executive Director, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA)


Adrienne Esposito

Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment

*Not a complete list of stakeholder panel participants.