CES maintains a strict inspection and quality control process to ensure the safe, secure, and monitored destruction of inbound non-hazardous waste streams.

Our process begins with a materials characterization that clients complete describing the source of the waste and its expected components. Accompanying this materials characterization form is relevant supporting documentation, such as safety data sheets, product inserts, and analytical results, meant to confirm that the waste is non-hazardous, in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Once our expert material profilers confirm that the waste is acceptable and safe for our operators to process, our compliance team inspects selected containers upon delivery to ensure the integrity and treatability of the material and that it conforms to the documented non-hazardous profile. Materials that pass inspection are sent to be processed for treatment, recycling or disposal. Materials failing inspection are deemed “off-specification,” in which case we communicate with the client to identify the material and reject the waste if it is confirmed to be hazardous.