Covanta Environmental Solutions (CES) provides a growing variety of advanced waste processing services. Sometimes, the best solution is finding industrial synergies, rather than disposal.

CES’s commitment to sustainable materials management and moving waste up the waste hierarchy extends outside of our clients and our facilities. At our CES Milwaukee material processing facility, a client was looking to dispose of an off-specification sodium hydroxide solution—a chemical used in wastewater treatment processes to control pH. We first assessed whether the off-specification solution could be used in our own wastewater treatment. Ultimately the solution was deemed insufficient for our own operations. However, we found another interested wastewater treatment company through our network partners. The sodium hydroxide solution was a perfect fit for their process and fit their treatment needs, and we were able to connect the two companies.

We intend to continue to grow our CES business by partnering and investing in relevant processing technologies. Doing so promises to help the environment by shifting a larger share of refuse higher up the EPA’s waste hierarchy. By reusing, recycling and recovering more, disposal and incineration volumes can shrink.