At Covanta, our “why” is the fundamental reason our safety program exists and the underlying motivation for working safely and promoting a safety culture. So, we asked our employees: “What’s your why?”

“Safety’s the most important thing, and it’s not just words. You want your employees to go home the same way that they came in.”

Steve Bossotti,
SVP, Covanta Metals Management

“When you’re talking about sustainability and safety, people are your most important resource. How can you focus on something like sustainability and not include your most important resource that you want to protect, like your employees?”

Erin DeKorte,
Safety, Health and Environmental Training Specialist

“Safety is a core value. It’s our paramount value. There’s nothing better than sending everybody home safe every night.”

Paul Gilman,
SVP, Chief Sustainability Officer

“I think that goes through most people’s minds. They’re looking at a job and it doesn’t quite look right, but they’re also not sure of themselves whether they should question it or not. And what we say is, Question it. Trust your judgment, ‘question it’. The best thing is that you could be wrong.”

Frank Miller,
VP, Maintenance Technology